on the subject of "the price to play Elden Ring

at 2021 / 11 / 02 : the price €809

so we been waiting for

23507819 seconds or

391796 minutes or

6529 hours or

272 days andtoday : orderprice €2299
so some guy on youtube said : cancel and buy something else
and i said


you know what im saying ? WHO THE FUCK DO I SUE FOR THIS since this is not america?
maybe ? nothing maybe about it
thats the price Nvidia stated, thats the price on order, i was born in europe long ago so im used to consumer rights, not sure how that works for overseas corporations?
you wouldnt dare imply the store would hold until i cancel myself, right ? actually i dont think they would but you know, its 2021, cant even trust your little sisters panties anymore
anyway ... the money would be devaluating in a bank too ... and i cant do with less, and i certainly cant spend half a years money on that

hm think theres a minidemo in this like "en attendant Nv-idiot"?

so where was it?

around here somewherethese are youtube embedded vids so if that puts a cookie on the floor, be warned ... maybe a good way for me to find out b/c we dont want that, well we dont, just like we dont want sponsors with strings attached and thus we'll never find a job in town unless lottery since robbing a bank was a good idea in 1830 but today kinda .... well believe you mee, we thought long and hard ... not really an option unless youre already well in the money and then probabluy not an option since preparation cost outweights what you get unless you get REAL good inside information ... yea ... thats not facilitating, that was a gedanken experiment going over ALL options since someone said "CONSIDER YOUR OPTIONS" (probably not what they meant as usual)
it was here

etc ... the idea was for concepts sake one with each engine (not game but zone) .... however ...
the lastbille file in blender takes 3 minutes to load and about 1.5 times that to save, it took 18 minutes to load the swapfile full of sutff before it started rendering it cant display anything but wireframe in the editor ... unity is cute , but whoever tells you its "no-coding" means "if you dont want anything more than some bouncing balls" ... which is cute b/c no-coding sounds like no-control over the output and "do what we give you" ... appgamekit is cuter since thats all handcoding but ofc comes with less bells...we spent a few good hours compiling Unreal Engine on linux, then about 30-45 minutes more to boot it (no shit ... that thing kept loading) to find out the asset store only works on windows unless you start hassling 10k times more stuff ... unigine is fine , installs easy and the editor is cute (that not as the japanese would define kawai mind you) but once theres something in it, the machine start to get its own mind and refuses to co-operate ... and ... well
in general .. everythings fucked :) doesnt matter anyway does it ... maybe if we find a quick 200 million, those americans seem to do that all the time in "one round" ...
updates :
Good thing i bought valheim to wait instead of cyberpunk full of anticipation, they made me immune to dopamine decades ago after all.
"just get a subscription service so we can stream it for you?"
no thanks, how about "send me what i paid for before i start calculating how much money that money would have made by now if i used it on a crypto grid" , i'm gonna learn to speak farsi or korean while waiting ... tick-tock AHAHAHAHAHAH