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  1. 20210615 : split pag into "lead characters" and "bulk sprites for editing" and added the first Ordin Styre chibi ... why ? "cuz..."
  2. 20210604 : sweet deal on Aseprite, since that 3080 gpu is not coming after seven months and we fear general motors will eat the worlds supply to sell it to no one who can afford it anymore at 4x the price next year buying new and next-gen games seems to be a waste to play it at 1024x768 at 25fps ... but Aseprite runs on linux :D AAAAND, ... it seems to be all it promises. So an example "spicey" sprite edited and added, looks closer without the eyepatch and WITH the pointy ears now. This could be something good, for the price of 0.75 packs of smokes ... hmm
  3. 20210531 : some more faces for Ordin Styre , the ... "guild" "leader" (does a little bart simpson dance like I AM SO GREAT) of Ordenjord ... ask the danes mate, i asked google for consistency and it looks great that way
  4. 20210529 : sure these things will go by POST-form somewhere before the grand game release in 2150 but seeing as we have a following of less than the population of belgium it cant be that urgent. Just some Ordin Styre pickles added (it takes 30 minutes to "just render a face" on this museumpiece and we already have to keep the universe in motion while dancing like Vishbume to the sound of 60(+1) people in our head. I think we try the "1.5fac"-login and temporary section today. Well it will show when its there. A bit like, you know how all the TEK-6 keeps up your arse on changing password and how you HAVE TO make passwords this and that ? We decided to try OTP-only ... it should be less hassle but since its strange it will probably be suspicious, like BTC when we first read about it (that was one of misjudgments of the century since back then you could cpu-mine it - we could actually BE on the game without the need for external money , actually we could be on the sequel ... the "expansion pack" if you like.
  5. 20210518 : the f'ing menu isnt loading ? in chrome ? and firefox keeps yanking about some xml syntax error (xml syntax error???) ... mmmmmmmmm
  6. 20210508 : yea, i think its about "that" time where we cave in to the broken body. Yea "i guess this is the best i can do, sucks to be me :)" ... ofcourse ... its been a breath after weeks of "just gaming" thats what mostly matters atm since under the aforementioned numbers its not worth getting up for anyway since none of us wants a lambo ... sucks to be us ... its supposed to be posted on the 7th for makeover on steemit but important people are always late so thats taken care of (by tomorrow probably - unless we get 10k emails saying NOW by tonight ofcourse ... all about what "you" want (look what that did to gaming lol) SO ... Syntax Error out ... yea the thing with code is : the only thing in the universe not susceptible to entropy ? IS code , it will be the same it ever was always so once it gets rolling it usually doesnt go backward and this is the way we walk in Janes Onderground. Dont try to get in my head, you will be lost and never get out ... to mundanes it must be a nasty place.
    20210507 : whatever man , on an as-we-go-along basis, if there was 1 million wede be checking dubai now, if there was "only 100k" by now (imagine that at 47) wed be checking anyway - you will not be forgiven for wrecking the kid and stealing our future. Fucking hellhole. SO ... multiple pages, yes good idea , maybe a 5 minute hellgirl window, we already did that once, right ? yea i think so ... did anyone? i dont know, who cares. The npcs are really limited license but free to use in any world as long as the lore is kept intact and we get credits , yes? (money good too ofcourse, maybe we can finish one zone sometime that way) Not sure how long this lasts, if the pandemic stops and the noise comes back we fear it stops quite abruptly as the underground will be a mess inhere again. It barely holds right now but it holds ... theres SOME thing getting done, thats GOOD ...
    20210505 : all things and personal health issues aside ... its for lulz only so we dont really feel that pressure, but inside our head its always like everyone closed all valves and turned the heater on. So, not to mention the pain. That docking station does SSD drives as read only , which is kinda not the intention but €20 is cheaper than €500 for a chair so the drive will have to come to moses and ... we'll need almost all the DOGE to buy those glasses, sorry to disappoint you golddigger-girl, but the positions in the harem are still open if you REALLY LOVE US ... :)
    20210504 : well : "You don't have to" but ... 200 Miljoen ..? no ? i dont think you're taking this seriously. YOURE GONNA HAVE TO TRY HARDER (heres a foodstamp come back later, theres no money for a raise now) ... oh wrong section... well this can't be a unified bit from the others since its different ehj? Yess, precious ... (they do no understand? why would anyone do this ? I DONT KNOW, why dont you ask every single person who ever upped anything on opengameart, pouet, demozoo or a few dozen (hundreds) others ? Why us ? We are weird, you will not get any data you can relate to YOUR crowd that will be useful anyway. If anyone ever checked the site or any of the months of work that went on it before they started wrecking it before the takeover you might see some of the things used in some animations ... the "Z" as a particle system with the sleeping guard edited in gimp from a looseleaf basechar etc.. muckin' I dont see why we should ... we have been made immune to dopamine promises over the years. You're gonna have to do better and HALF UP FRONT OR THERES THE DOOR :) fairy tales for the believers. Gud : makeover is makeover like freestyle is freestyle. Im sure it will show itself and then some dud with a braincell will say OMG THAT LOOKS LIKE FISHING since it states a hash for an ID somewhere and Teleslet will ban us from all Belgium (again) ... maybe they're jealous, i dont know whats up with these mundanes and their bodysnatcher , aberrant behaviour. ANYWAY ... Syntax Design out. its been a while and this remnant chair still breaks my knees when i get up. The body is one but the mind is many. If you have time to sneer, then you should have time to do something constructive ... maybe you just dont have talent ? (i like using other peoples words but the first half aint mine , never mine(d) so ... i DID mine, mt Gox took that, humans = shyte)... off-topic ? yea its time anyway, body says no.
    So : the current state of early pre-zeta alphamale access for only €120 is not representative of the finished product. Experiences might change and if we decide to close the servers you cant get your money back. (isnt that a must-do today?) It will be what it will be when it is what it is (unless you have our 200 million ? no ? well then you're gonna have to try a little harder, you can do JUST a little better, its GREAT, i mean its GOOD, but ....)
edit : You might find a wink at Ursula Le Guin, not necessarily just the disposessed at Stenhjemme, but we're quite sure if you look for winks between Vance, Zelazny and Le Guin you're gonna look like you got something in your eye for quite a while. Even if every fibre screams "dont post one letter about it" .. theres nothing else to do thats the slightest bit enjoyable and this way at least it doesnt stand still. Submissions can get a steem and the steemit account has a use other than steem.
Names and #stuff pending, if you find something sounds familiar, we have learned a lot since we read Tolkien when we were eight and one and the kid still was. Its euh , mostly phonemical transliteration in order to gain consistency all across ... the board? We dont have to explain ourselves ofcourse. Steemit-wise, makeover is about the sprite-sheets, the characters, their roles, the blender models and renders are ours ofcourse, the portraits and renders can be used for reworking in any way to drop off in the freestyle compo but if characters are ever used anywhere else but Verdensgraensnung (Nibelung? no, Worlds End - is a big place) the lore has to be with them, even in a dystopian setting, thats the deal. Dont be an Edison or a crApple now ... a meteor will hit your grandma. Like using Randal Flagg in dark medieval or modern times, Randall Flag wa Randall Flagg da and thats just how it is. NPC's here will be only the ones a player would be able to run into at "the washed-up beach(name pending yes it has to sound right)" and citizens no higher than the lower wards. Whatever comes of it will be and everything on a see where it goes basis. Building the world is probably the most interesting thing but since we are not Miyazaki we dont have FROM software to visualize it ...
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orig ed Orm Skaerer (ole Spicey) , NPC, seat of power : Stenhjemme - washed-up beach
How old ? Us dwarves, at least where i come from, are not immortals like the Sandestin here but we last like the mountain itself, after all, Muad 'din, praise be, carved us out of it with the very first axe. Time gets slippery here, after a few thousand years it becomes hard to tell what was where exactly but you see , even a quaggy character like yourself has one thing not to worry aobut here : dying of old age. (*hearty laughter*)


ed Gelbmann (the Goldman) , NPC, seat of power : Gelthjemme - the golden ring
Commoners? Despite their inherrant inept aptitude and lack of common sense on the hierarchy of things, they can be quite useful. You can work them to the bone ... literally (*grins*) until they give out. Which is about always decades before the contract ends. Then you turn them into walking corpses and have them run the simplest errands, open doors and after that, when they come apart at the seams, even if the contract's not fulfilled ... you grind them up , they make great fertilizer for the goldflowers and the goldfish love it.


Ordin Styre (Koebmandsson) , NPC, seat of power : Ordenjord - the washed-up beach
Nothing goes up mountain without the Orden carrying. I rule this anthill made of human filth with iron hand just like my father and my fathers father. The key has been ours since written exists and it will stay so until the nameless terror sinks this hell into the sea or the sky comes falling down. We will carry out the contract to the letter, first to last, we expect the same courtesy from clients. The whole of obenverden here in Verdensgraensnung is a mirror of society, and so this hill, the dregs live down-below and here in these halls i am king, my word is law, you can join if you prove your worth but failure bides ill fate.


Oshinde (Oshinde of the diamond palace) , NPC, seat of power : Diamond Palace - the shroud
yea, like o misu or o bento ... i dont speak japanese Oshinde was said to be born from the unholy matrimony of an elder wizard in the shroud and his dead wife he kept locked in limbo as a ghost. A terrifying sorceress shrouded in as many secrets as the shroud itself. Demi-ghost the scribes whispered, an ab-erration, but beautiful , yet cold, as moonlight on the darkest night.


ed Unasieh (Unasi) , citizen, runs the guesthouse in Stenhjemme , travellers district
as good as the right hand of Orm Skaerer, not sure if Unasieh will be an NPC or Citizen (distinct difference) in the finalized game in 2150 ...
Wether its a drink you want, good food, someone to talk to, a place to rest your head or some closer company, Unasi will set you straight. Man, woman, girls and boys , all here in Stenhjemme stay of their own accord, there is no coin but in this district and every single one has their task to attend to. You will not find a safer place in all of Verdensgraensnung, from limbo to hilltop, none. But Orms laws are absolute and Orm Skilt is just a whistle away. If Unasi calls they will come and ask no questions. Im sure you saw the offenders decorating the great wall on your way in, what can i get you ? How can i help you ?


Charon , NPC/sandestin, seat of power : limbo
just "Charon" , like Gandalf ... some say its one and the same with the sandestin Sanzu at the entrance of "the dungeon down-below(name pending)". No one really knows why sandestin do the things they do. Is it boredom out of immortality or the mission they were created for by elder beings. A passtime or an instinct beyond the comprehension of the mortals and the ageless ?
any subsequent braindamage will not be held responsible for me ...

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