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Where should we put the updates huh?
Last file upped : 20200508(media) / Last file edited : 20200508 (scripts/html ...)
20200508 : well .. #stuff ... and mostly things , if its reading try steemit / @tyrnannoght (ZeroDesign was here ...
20200506 : yea ... on the fly, to the beat (met "tchebakkes") What ? 200 miljoen ! no ... i dont think you're taking this seriously, "youre gonna have to try JUST a little harder" ... "failure to understand does not absolve you", using a simple video on a webpage already feels like heavy restrictions by Fasc-zilla and Fasc-chrome, which also seem to want to decide where anyone can put that video ... we cant get with that but its supposed to stay for lulz, we see ? yes?? gud ... (if its not gud you can navigate here with warmest regards. Remember trying to be polite once ... it never got us to Besos or Musk levels so it must not be "the way". Yea, it looks good on this 4K screen ... is there a problem ? you can mail support@ with screenshots and modelnumbers if you like but if no one cares since this is for lulz then ... well it looks nice on this 4K screen, like a 64demo on a 64 maybe after a fashion... (hour later : ... its getting messy = lol - ... in transit ...)
20200505 : hospital doctor glasses pain #stuff ... ZeroObligations signing off ....
20200504 : 't is mor on de fly e Jo - nonkel polis in de wijk, i wonder, maybe to report on "de Jo" ... (that guy with the cat who doesnt lockdown party, MIGHTY SUSPICIOUS) , palette64 ... muckin' .... yo, van drukkerlaand 2021 , ZeroDesign (je moeder!) Yo... not sure, but the "off-colours" i think maybe to do due to the diff between that analogue tv from when the kid existed and this 4K uhdr thing as a sorry consolation prize for being stuck behind enemy lines. Category : hashtag #justforlulz and keeping busy. Otherwise 200 miljoen ? what, NO ? i dont think you're taking this seriously ! you're gonna have try a little HARDER than that !
20200503 : overwhelming success, as expected, due to popular promotion. I dont understand what NFTS are since im a noob so i have heretic notions on how meeplez probably wont fetch the price of a Van Gogh before he's dead at least, if anyone remembers what a meeplez is, despite that : YAY meeples! if anyone comes up to me and says : "yo , you want me to a jpg of yours on christies ? i need it to promote my fund" id say "ofcourse sir, please sign here, half up front b/c i dont trust anyone on Crypton". Im quite nubbish to it since i only started out AFTER cpu mining went out of fashion since the first year i didnt believe in it (tsk...) . That said : that "palette64" thing will need some work. A museum wall cant be too flashy or it will divert attention after all. Thanks for all the support and remember : here you cant just give free votes you get for free while doing nothing but having an account : you donate liquid steem to the artists. (which is another reason why i doubt it will take off, even IF promoted lol) . GUD ... did "something" today, everything on top of that is a bonus. (unless someone can raise me a quick 100 million i can have?)
20200502 : on a see that when its there basis - plans are made to be thwarted, ideas are made to be stolen, humans are humans, even in the new world, so ... yea, jesus saves and buddha makes incremental backups, thing is : not much but this should drastically improve loading times for people in Vietnam sitting on the sidewalk with an iThing (well, someone told me they have free wi-fi everywhere there, its definitely not a sneer, ask the vietnamese i talked to ever ...). imagemagick is busy crunching im sure it can use a per-pic thumbnail but uploaders would be encouraged to provide their own anyway otherwise the system will go for median and ...and and ... so the rest will wait until i , every day a little bit for a site no one visits aint too much to ask, thanks for the support

we understand this is fairly raw and if you feel like one of those youtuber who get a loan to have one room look like rich and due to lack of talent do nothing but break other peoples stuff down , remember : you dont have to
if you think this is a mess you should see the mashup-code L O L . These are some examples, the submitted logos should fit in the dimension of the logos displayed on top (when scaled or raw either way) so as not to mess up the future design of this exquisite place of interwebz and
i think we need to find some food first, see if we can get some more done between bouts of broken joints and scraping vertebrae, at any rate, as mister Wordsworth stated and such, it can start from here, where it goes ? I have no idea, if you feel this is your problem, try looking outside and pick another. Its #justforfun with a possible small bonus.
hmm .. maybe, but you dont have to and if you know a guy named @josephsavage on Steemit (since the early days) , the man started SBI all manual after his 80+ hour a week job on the side and look where that went ... controversy and all, not that we have any aspirations or ambitions at all - 40+ years of Soviet Helgium will take that right out of you. If you think that's crap, reincarnate here and let's re-discuss that next life :)
this site uses one session cookie that stores absolutely nothing but the session id unless you have a registered account, are logged in and actually do stuff that needs remembering during the session, once you leave it should be gone after 10 minutes, there is no third parties so there is no cross-site either
Nyeah, AlleyCat said : make pages ... probably not the worst idea, question is what cycle - daily, rnd , easteregg ..?
orig(1,4gb) mobiHD(it says)H264(664mb is that "mobi" ? wow ...)
"for the non-believers" mobiHD/H264(682mb) webm(122mb ... i guess thats the best one can hope for besides ... what provider still had data limits in 2021 ? that would be AB SU RD ... (*cough* ... right?)

music by sh0 : "Starry Night Sky and the cats (1995)" - m.w. Triton FT2 /superkvik-visuals w/ Milkdrop (ftw!)
- webdev is restricted fascism -its highly likely you have to click it - we might have to check with the host b/c it seems to load really slow and we do everything on an offline thing here
any subsequent braindamage will not be held responsible for me ...

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