as textfiles go, replacing the old infopage for now

php_eol ?

sites :


+ crApplication / AlltingBog and maybe some we forgot 

mail : , , or

no Crotter media but theres a youtube channel used for video inclusion in posts on steemit


themes :

"original" (made in 4k but should fit up to hd and probably lower)

"simpleton" (640x.../800x/1024x) wip

"JoGazette" thinking about it

"atariMono" (640x400) wip


that ?

here's how that goes :

you want something ? okay how much money you got ? half up front - no can do ? ask someone else

Musk wants something ? 400 million

Besos wants something ? 800 million

Gates or Buffett want something ? 300 million (each) b/c they're poor

anyone else wants something ? 200 million

Lagarde wants something ? IMG buy shiba inu up to $5 ... no can do ? well, no can do, theres 8billion others ask around

thats "that" then

1973-2150 JoG - home of the n33t slackers,

AlleyCat out