In short : this thing isnt meant to be a browsergame but a compiled (linux for now) executable, as long as it compiles to browser as well from the same code there's ofcourse no problem doing that . We found that if using DMA (whatever its called today) memblocks (at least we think thats it) firefox doesnt really wanna cooperate in the HTML5 compilation but so far this doesnt - - -
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  1. 10/17/2021 :
    08:41:18: : Myah - some oddities - it seems to beget low fps on no matter what machine in a browser - tried ff/chrome on celeroncpu/onboard and edge on windows and ff on linux on an i5/gtx970, for some reason it sticks around 2O fps on all (which is not what it gives on the compiled exe BY FAR .... so its a browser thing and once more : browser and mobile sucks) ... yea well, no clue where it goes but since it says dantesladder my guess is "up" (?) .. ahahahaha - had a little culture shock after 2 hours of "in my world" and then open my eyes and what do i see "VAN DRUKKERLAND" ... so that had to get out ... it should be fine now, unless there's gonna be pushing by protozoans mostly syntax error here - its not like theres much to zerodesign yet but if any models probably and ofcourse, supreme direction by AlleyCat and CmDr Gato , symphonix epix by MrMalice all in the onderground ... where the hammer lives as well - and some people you dont really ever wanna meet aAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHA you created them
    05:44:57: : Jawel - took me only 20 years to figure out the random accepts negative ranges but doesnt GENERATE negative numbers. So here's looking in the WHY DO ALL THE OBJECTS on the main mesh stay in one quadrant ... u huh ... at least there's symmetry , for 20 years they told me BUT MIDIJURY OR ELSE NOT POSSIBLE until someone said, 19 years too late : "WHO TOLD YOU THAT ? thats bullshit, here i'll write you a letter" ... flanders sense of humour Syntax Error AlleyCat
  2. 10/12/2021 :
    17:10:43: : NAw, note to self : next step first try TILEd delimited csv two-layers : OBJid/Collissionshape (or 3 : offset for coll box) with the functions by the banned guy that should be ample for this Syntax Error
  3. 09/25/2021 :
    07:50:38: : adding 2500 staticbodies seems to dontwanna .... well, its RAW, yass, how would i know what is too much or not enough , its not like i dun this before - so, generating mazes ... its gonna have to generate a single mesh (i hope) in memblock , no clue how to figure out topology - something to do then , (yee-haw)
    07:22:27: : messing around with texture and uv scaling ... can't seem to find anything that does anything other than 0.1 or any other number being "stripes" or - standard - maybe the unwrapping , anyway - at least the night passes without storm Syntax Error Syntax Error
  4. 09/07/2021 :
    19:40:43: : scrap that again, on a pc with hardware thats only 50 years old i.o. 100 it seems to run so its possibly CUZ this thing is the absolute bare minimum celeron with onboard gfx, after all all it needs to do is webserving and surfing ... loonix can handle that just fine ... SO : "recommended requirements : something that can run windows 10" ... (i guess ... we dont have 500 rigs here, phone is never tested). Physics collision STILL seems to skip one and it flies through the wall so if thats better served with raycasting or an actual matrix ... Im sure we'll find out, this is #justforfun after all, we are not selling anything , not even hot air, we are not taxorrists who try to get some sandwich spread to counter the mold in the cupboard we are very nice, broken wreckage who just wants to be left alone for lack of a harem to do the talking ... (yea and FUCK belgium .. owh ? personal opinion huh, right .... scrap that TOO then)
    19:30:09: : okay scrap that, apparently it doesnt compile to firefox anymore without failing ... but it gives no compiler errors, so its outside of the scope of our paygrade here to figure it out, maybe if we're REALLY bored ... maybe it works in other browsers ... time brings wisdom, we except great wisdom from spring 2023 ... one way or another, yea will try to record a vid or something as proof of whatever it is the stalkers keep saying (is that jealous or sometihng ? DO YOU WANNA SWAP LIVES ? you can keep the wife and kids though but we'll take the money ...)
    18:56:43: : okay then, so all the previous updates didnt register ... WAY TO GO, fairly convinced someone in gatland infected me with covid and i lost 7-14 points of iq MORE than i already had after all the damage . I still can watch Tyson videos so its gonna be at least 100 left ... (no the other Tyson, dearie ... ) So - after careful consideration we figured out that AGK is really not too text-handle friendly without a clearbuffer() option for some reason , staying close to machine level as a basic language - its still the most fun to play with so far ... so at -14 iq we got the "click mouse to take standard or esc to configure keys option" ... more to follow by 2050 (unless someone has the 200 million and we can start ?)
    18:50:25: : trying to update the updates section on janesbirdie so it updates the updates
    17:23:37: : updated the update section on janes birdie to update updates when entered instead of throwing an errorlog Syntax Error Syntax Error Syntax Error Syntax Error Syntax Error
sjebapman ... if omega exceeds one, the universe curves back on itself ... if mu enters the building we might never find out ahah ... naaaahh lol, ofcourse not, if OMEGA enters the building never mind they're starting to let out reports on what they knew last summer since the shit dont seem to work as intended ... STIFF UPPER LIP, VOOR EEN BAAS