its a crApplication, daarlink, not a webpage - its also offline and never connected so dont bother wHacking the monkey for satellius b/c it doesnt git

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with custom section definitions (oldvid):

well, we couldnt find anything bums can afford that would allow us to write the whole lore for the whole world and all its citizens and npcs and locations - on paper you cant link either - and THUS, its done in firefox b/c it just happened to start there , it probably will run in others since it uses jquery mostly although not everywhere for every command it needs a localhost installed and its made to be worked with on a 4K screen (although 1080p probably gets you the same fun you get doing unity or unigine on a 25 inch hd screen) so the positioning isnt loose - its an application not a webpage and unless someone makes an offer with an advance its for private use, since we are incapable of salesforce we wont be promoting or pushing anything either - its "just to get the lore for the game in a decent container that can be accessed and clicked through from all sides"
guess you can write books in it too - paper print or digital ones where you can add clickable footnotes - its customizable and the css will make it more customisable - ... it beats wordpress by a lightyear LOL ... (for the purpose ...) and pretty lightweight so far , with a little twerk probably not too hard to turn into an online thing you can run from a website, SO ... if you wanted something, why didnt you ask when it mattered ? its a bit too late now, right?