this thing will be offline since its for personal use unless by popular demand ofcourse or when VERY finished enough to get 10.000 dollar a day on patreon
standard /(originally to write the world for the game since zero tools were adequate (the ones bums can afford anyway) (style not included yet but as CMS goes it will be there eventually - its no deadline so dont wait up for it ... we accept 200 million dollar as motivation though, feel free, its only 200 amazon minutes, otherwise, it doesnt matter much, does it :) )
got five minutes of clair and quiet - so did a little , very crudimentary and as always all syntax is googled since we are all rank amateurs who dont keep it in our head (thats where the chaos lives) - sys requirements : jquery + jquery-UI , (offline) working installation of any php capable server being able to push to browser on http request and ... browser i guess its still ff but we are seriously considering something else since they are somewhat fascist about what WE are allowed to do ... theres no deadline since theres no money to be made, this is NOT america - it could be easily adapted to an online - intranet/lan crApplication , just raise us a "quick 100 million" in one round and we will make that happen right away :)
ya the recorder doesnt care if the screen is upscaled so re-recorded, why bother ? why bother with anything if it gets nothing. Leightweight afternoon tea coding keeps our head off the place and the incessant zougen ... you broke it, so NI ZOUGEN ... //--// ... custom app its meant to be ran in 1080p or equivalent ratios , its certainly not meant to run on an iThing ... etcetera ... Alltingbog CMS - (c)2020-2150 JoG ,
Alleycat out ... (this would better in a zoomscroller ...)

with custom section definitions :

okay, i always same : name me one belgian billionnaire off the top of your hat who didnt end up in jail , you got 60 seconds ... so ... name we one belgian youtuber who makes the daily bread with it ?
thats right ...