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if you think this is a phishing site, please leave, we seriously dont want it blocked at national level b/c some dud reported to the soviet authorities and we didnt even get a notion or a mention about it AGAIN ... "mundanes be sick sh*t (the kid)"
We does wonders if imagemaps are deprecated in 2021 and will send a memo to the r&d department, for now :
  1. before all that, this site is not mobile first and likely not too friendly on slow connections as most pages are media heavy, caveat surfor ! ..
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  4. When the r&d dept. comes back from their expedition into elder-HTML the light on the right clicks "red" : leave this place , "orange" : hold the countdown and stay this page, "green" : all systems go ,like, now
  5. its an edited stock image ... "dafuk u want for free(50cent)" ... "Patience, padawan(Some dude in a movie)" and "I dont see why i would have to (AlleyCat)"
any subsequent braindamage will not be held responsible for me ...
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