Today is ManyWeather, 28, Year of the Will'o wisp

loading , by the time you read this it should be - but lag is always possible, this screen is here for possible future use, up until this day, so far the site DOES NOT USE any client-side cookies, it will NOT ask for STEEM keys for those who would play with crypto-coin and, and ... well yea , it won't come with a manual
prepare to die, permadeath included, you might actually LOSE YOUR CHARACTER, this will not be angry birds or a five minute phone-game - its a hobby-project and i would be most delighted if anyone but me would ever find joy in playing as much i find solace in creating ... all info on the info page
The site/game is not designed(at all actually) mobile-first in mind as i (frankly) dont see that working out too well with current hardware and screensizes (i dont really have the budget to get one of those mega-nvidia-gpu phones and if i did id probably spend it on something else), HOWEVER, phaser is phaser and firefox is firefox so in essence it should run on anything that can App that from the crAppstore, including maybe your smart dishwasher and coffee-machine as long as it runs FireFox (built on firefox but it should work fine in chrome, no guarantees given for microstuffed (at all)) - the intention is to build a custom web-client anyway so in reality i have no clue how that would be done on a phone (if it's java i'm out anyway hahah), it scales perfectly with the firefox controls, all coordinates will work wether you scale it down or up AND ... this is actually for the info-page isnt it. The @goldmanmorgan site will most likely fit perfectly on a phone though, the other will be built for a min.resolution of full-hd (1920x1080) and probably tweaked to work for 4K if i ever can afford a screen like that ... its turn-based , overhead at first but i have no intention of making every zone the same interface. I also have no clue where it will end up as it is : (c) 1973-2150 ZeroDesign (if im still alive by then ill think about extending it hah hah)

other than here in info-section (questionmarks button) updates, media and potential interaction might be found at :
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any subsequent braindamage will not be held responsible for me ...

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