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  1. if anything here feels like its offensive it probably wont be removed, if anything feels like its violating your producers rights while you live in a cardboard box and you cant take it as tribute then drop a not at complaints@tyrnannoght.eu and it will be removed ... ONLY if theres reason ofcourse, and it will be replaced with your name and the glory of you being a total ass-wanker whos not down with the program even in 2022
  2. if you think this is a phishing site, please leave, we seriously dont want it blocked at national level b/c some dud reported to the soviet authorities and we didnt even get a notion or a mention about it AGAIN ... "mundanes be sick sh*t (the kid)"
  3. ATM we would recommend using chrome since the more we do the more firefox seems to act up , not just with phaser on certain resolutions but also apparently in RPG maker, which should be built to run on about everything including your dishwasher - - edge should probably work since Crotter more or less ripped that off and recompiled chrome (or so we have been told) and called it MICROTTER EDGE ... might be an urban legend - anyway ... Firefox is not guaranteed and for a 0-revenue site way too much hassle to re-code phaser and rpg maker to make it work on all systems on all browsers on all resolutions ... (i dont anyone does that, not even the pro's ... cant remember how many times support has advised me to use a "supported" browser ..."


We does wonders if imagemaps are deprecated in 2021 and will send a memo to the r&d department, for now :
  1. before before before all that, since the wideweb is world and browsers are 50 a dozen, atm only @tyrnannoght.eu , @alleycat.be, @mail.com , @edmondpt.com (temp mail for all testing purposes) can be used to register, past experiences with youble and crotter inc has made us weary, but so have past experiences with humans - gmail is redy offline but since the massive uptake not a priority - if you WANT TO REGISTER you can using a mail.com address
  2. before before all that, this site is heavy on dynamics, not just multimedia and the more we get down the more we find out none of that really made it to 2021, its not a fixed machine, not even all browsers are alike - it might take some trial 'n error but since no one pays and we are dirt poor it doesnt really matter, or does it ?
  3. before all that, this site is not mobile first and likely not too friendly on slow connections as most pages are media heavy, caveat surfor ! ..
  4. This site has ONE cookie, which is a session cookie and holds nothing but the session id unless you log in (which will require you to have an account ofcourse). It does not haunt you and will be gone 10 minutes after you leave this place, even if you dont manually remove it.
  5. neither your email address or password are kept on the server(there is no password so thats pretty hard anyway) so we cant give you your email address back or send you solliciting mails - any mail that says so ? thats NOT US ...
  6. The page will auto-refresh to the site in 5 seconds, we are very sorry but it seems thats just how things are and we dont like these 5k per inch popups everywhere as much as you do i'm sure.
  7. When the r&d dept. comes back from their expedition into elder-HTML the light on the right clicks "red" : leave this place , "orange" : hold the countdown and stay this page, "green" : all systems go ,like, now
  8. its an edited stock image ... "dafuk u want for free(50cent)" ... "Patience, padawan(Some dude in a movie)" and "I dont see why i would have to (AlleyCat)"
any subsequent braindamage will not be held responsible for me ...
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